How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

Packing Tips for Residential Moving Projects

Packing is one of the most challenging tasks involved in a moving project. Basically, the success of your project depends on how good you pack your stuff. Some things don’t require extra packing preparation, while others need to be packed carefully in order to avoid damage. Fragile items and expensive belongings require special packing. In the absence of budgetary constraints, having a residential moving specialist pack your stuff is both preferable and easier from a liability standpoint. This being said, if you’re planning to pack your stuff yourself, then make sure you follow these guidelines.

  • Prepare your workstation. Having to pack numerous items may prove to be extremely tiresome. Don’t hesitate to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Use a high table so that you don’t have to bend all the time. Make sure that you keep all your packing tools and supplies close to you so that you don’t have to make too many trips.
  • Use plain newspaper. It is very important that you use only plain newspaper when wrapping fragile items. Printed newspaper may leave paint on the items, so avoid using them.
  • Purchase Dishpacks. A dishpack is a special box designed for transporting fragile items. It has double walls and a very sturdy structure.
  • Place crumpled paper at the bottom of the box and in between each layer of items. Each item should also be wrapped individually with plain newspaper and placed carefully in the box. Needless to say that the box should be of appropriate size.
  • Label your boxes. Labeling is a very important part of the packing process. Each box should be labeled accordingly so that you won’t have to open up a box in order to see what’s inside. Proper labeling will also make the loading easy as your residential moving service provider will be able to identify the boxes that contain fragile items.

If you don’t have the time, supplies, or will to do all this by yourself, then hire a professional mover. Brandon Movers offers some of the most reliable moving services in Brandon, FL. We have many years of experience and numerous satisfied clients. Call us at (813) 473-6948 for estimates.