Preparing for a Long Distance Move

Several Things You Need to Do before Your Moving Service Provider Shows Up

Any type of moving project is difficult, but long distance moves just bring it to a whole new level. There are so many things that need to be done prior to a long distance move that, if you don’t plan everything right, you’ll be overwhelmed by stress. Luckily, there are many moving service providers out there who can help take some of the burden off your shoulders. But even with their help, there are still several things that you must do on your own.


Whether you hire a mover to pack your stuff or you do it yourself, the first thing you should do is de-clutter your home. Keep in mind that most long distance movers charge by the weight, so fewer items mean lower costs. You can organize a garage sale to get rid of some of the things you don’t need, and if that doesn’t work, then consider giving them to charity. In the worst case scenario, just throw them away. There is no point in cluttering your new home with things you don’t need or that have no sentimental value to you.

Informing the utility companies

Since you’ll be changing your address, you must tell every single company you’re working with that you’ll be changing homes. This will allow them to reroute all their mail to your new address. Obviously, you’ll need to fill in a form with your local post office where you announce that you’re changing your address. Your bank and insurance service providers must also know about your move.

Saying goodbye to neighbors

The closer you get to your moving day, the more busy you’ll be. So, take some time to visit some of your friends and neighbors before you get into the crazy rush of moving. You can organize a barbecue in your backyard and throw a small party for the people you’ll leave behind.

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